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Online CAD viewer enabling ultra-fast viewing, sharing, markup, and co-viewing of 3D STEP files on PC and iPad
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22 March 2013

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This is a CAD file viewer with team viewing features.

This tool helps open and view CAD standard STEP formatted files on your PC. The same design file could be viewed by other team members on their PC or iPads. The design file is actually stored on the cloud provided by the developers and can be simultaneously viewed by your team members. When storing the files for the first time, the program will optimize the design file so that it opens quickly. Then on, it is this optimized file that you are able to view. Thus, viewing the file in different ways can be handled fast. Collaboration and discussions of a design is facilitated by this tool. Mark-ups by team members are handled automatically. The STEP files can be handled even if they are available as email attachments as well as from DropBox. This last feature is going to be useful to a lot of people with whom this has become popular. The corresponding app is available free from Apple store.

Even complex 3D models are handled quite easily by the tool and makes collaborating on such complex engineering designs quite simple. Files and markups are synced automatically, so that whether you are viewing through a PC or an iPad you get to see the latest version of the model. Adding files to MyCadbox by associating STEP files with the utility. You could also open through context menu. If your engineering team needs to collaborate on designs and they could be anywhere, rather than in the office, this could be a very handy tool helping design turn around. This is a product that has very good features.

Publisher's description

MyCadbox highlights:
* Open large STEP files ultra-fast on PC and iPad
* Share STEP files easily with your team
* Sync files and markups automatically between PC and iPad
* Open STEP files on iPad from email attachments and from Dropbox
* Free iPad app available through Apple
MyCadbox is an online CAD viewer enabling ultra-fast viewing, sharing, markup, and co-viewing of large 3D STEP files on PC and iPad. Model sharing is perfect for team environments as it greatly reduces model opening times within the team. Files and markups are automatically synced between PC and iPad. MyCadbox iPad app is available through Apple free of charge. It can open STEP files from email attachments and from Dropbox.
Users can add files to MyCadbox in several ways. If the user has associated STEP files to MyCadbox during installation on PC, simple double-click add files to MyCadbox. If file association was bypassed users can add files by clicking a file name with secondary mouse button and choosing 'Open in MyCadbox'. MyCadbox iPad app users can access all the files added on PC and they can also add files on iPad from emails or from Dropbox. MyCadbox syncs files seamlessly between PC and iPad.
Sharing is one of the most powerful features in MyCadbox. When MyCadbox users click on a particular file for the first time, it will be optimized for viewing and sharing by MyCadbox cloud service. Next time anyone in the team accesses the file either on PC or iPad, MyCadbox optimization has reduced the opening time to a fraction of the time required by conventional tools.

Markups added in MyCadbox app are synchronized automatically on PC and iPad for all team members without the need for sending markup files. Team members can review the model and related markups in 'co-viewing sessions' (live meetings) where one person acts as host and drives the viewing for others.
Free MyCadbox iPad app is available through Apple.
Version 0.9.6
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